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How to safe mode Samsung Galaxy A5

How to safe mode Samsung Galaxy A5

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Privacy mode phones can enhance the protection of our personal information and important documents, adds extra security, and here we take a look at the Samsung GALAXY A5 privacy mode on and exit is how to set up, and I hope all of you have helped article .

1. We enter into the phone [application] following [set] following [Private mode] shown below.  4. After the opening screen prompts to click on the Next button (there are more than the next).  7. Well, after we click the [Start] button to open access - [PIN code] for example.  9. Enter the PIN code to be set, then click [Continue].

10. Enter the PIN code to be set again, and click OK.  11. Read "screen lock Settings" prompt, depending on your needs, select [Skip] or [OK] to select [Skip] here an example.  12. At this privacy mode is initiated and, after opening, the upper left corner of the screen will display the privacy mode icon, as shown below: 

Two, A5 exit private mode method

  1. In the phone, click [Application - [set] option open as follows. 
  2. Then find the interface [Private mode] [Private mode] into the right side of the slider, gray Representative closes.
  3.  Then follow the prompts to us to determine.

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