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How to boot Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II in safe mode?

How to boot Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II in safe mode?

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Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

Safe mode prevents auto conflicting applications running on system startup, allowing equipment failure rule.

If your phone is working properly in Safe Mode, uninstall third-party applications or application updates that may cause problems using the Application Manager. To access this feature from the home screen press Menu> Settings> More> Application Manager. If necessary, press the flap downloaded. Touch the application in the list. Press . Uninstall> OK The applications preinstalled on your phone can not be uninstalled; you can uninstall any updates that you applied pressing Uninstall Updates> OK.

You can start your phone into Safe Mode if you want to test whether added applications are causing problems in your phone. Safe mode only charge the basic system.

1.        Turn off the phone

2.        Hold down the button  ON for one or two seconds to turn it on.

3.        When the Samsung logo appears, hold button  Volume down  until the lock screen is displayed.

When the lock screen is displayed, it will show Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen. To exit safe mode, restart your phone.

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