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Hello friend here got a procedimeinto 

Understanding the problem 

related errors 

function "Safe Mode" appears on the bottom of the Home screen 
can not make or receive any calls or access the Internet 
Some third - party applications do not start 

Possible causes 

Application a third party or the cache prevent the unit turns on properly. 
the case or skin gel on the computer touch the keys. 
he accidentally touched one of the keys when switching the computer, or keys stilled 
the phone is connected to a cable and an error 
Equipment with superuser permission 

safe mode can be activated automatically by any of the above causes. . You must solve the problem and leave the safe mode to make calls, send and receive messages or connect to the Internet 


If restarting the computer is not secure mode is disabled, follow these steps: 

Verify that the phone is switched off and that is not charging. 
Remove the battery and SIM card. 
wait at least 20 seconds so that there is no load on the phone. 
reintroduces the SIM card and battery. 
Make sure that the Menu key is not being pressed by . the case or skin gel 
Press the Menu key several times to verify it is not stuck. 
Turn on the computer. . 
Note: Do not press any keys during phone start 
If the computer also turns on safe mode, then uninstall all . recently uploaded applications 
Restart the computer. 
Note: If the device turns on again, the problem was due to any third - party applications. If you know which application generated the problem, contact the developer or reviews the application to report the problem. 
If the team stays in safe mode, clean the partition of the cache. 
If the team stays in safe mode, it performs a master reset . using the hardware keys

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