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How to boot Samsung Galaxy A8 in safe mode

How to boot Samsung Galaxy A8 in safe mode

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The Safe Mode is a special boot mode of Android terminals, specifically from the Jelly Bean version of this operating system.

The purpose of this mode is to start the device only with the preinstalled applications on the device, in case we have detected an operational problem resulting from the installation of any application.

There are two ways to start the terminal in safe mode:

  1. Holding the button Volume down once the Samsung logo appears during startup of the terminal. When the main screen appears we can release the button.
  2. We may also enter this mode by pressing the options instead of the Volume Down . Otherwise, the procedure is identical.

Indeed, the legend Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen testifies that we are in that mode. To exit this mode we just reboot the phone.

Initially, access to this mode does not imply a logoff of the applications you mention. Perhaps there has been some additional process that has caused that you mention.

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