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How to boot Samsung Galaxy Core Prime in safe mode

How to boot Samsung Galaxy Core Prime in safe mode

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Putting the Galaxy Core Prime in safe mode

many users may not know the safe way to Android and the truth is that sometimes this is discovered rather by mistake and not wanting to access it. The safe mode, as they are also available on other operating systems like Windows itself, allows us to diagnose problems that exist in our phone disabling all applications installed externally.

Safe Mode disables all installed and configured by the user, so in this mode the terminal will boot into a fully operational safe and clean environment . The Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Core Prime also have a safe way and today we would like to explain how to access it.

Putting the Galaxy Core Prime in safe mode

Depending on the manufacturer, put a Android smartphone in safe mode may vary slightly and Samsung is one case where this is done differently.

  • We turn off the phone.
  • We light the Galaxy Core Prime while holding down the power button until the Samsung logo is displayed.
  • Now, once that is done, we release the power button and press the volume down button until the terminal is turned completely.

If you did well you will enter the insurance directly mode and take slightly longer than normal because you have to apply the theme but, once inside, appreciate the symbol bottom left putting safe mode and you will see that most applications that are not already have installed on your phone .

Besides the permanent notification is a button in the notification bar that indicates that we are in safe mode and will be our path to normal mode , for which the phone will restart again and enter the usual manner with all applications were running as usual.

In safe mode you can see some applications that cause problems such as continuous restarts, extremely low autonomy and some other things. This way you can see if the problem is software or the terminal itself . We also allow you to uninstall any application from the insurance, so useful if you have installed an application and the terminal will not start now.

When finished just click on the notification and the phone will reboot returning to normal, it is a temporary tool that many do not know their existence but works pretty well. Some users even know of its existence. Will had tried before?

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