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How to safe mode Samsung Galaxy J5

How to safe mode Samsung Galaxy J5

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  Samsung boot screen appears when the power will automatically enter your fingers to press the bottom left of the menu key when safe mode, of course, turn off safe mode is very simple, we only need a normal phone to reboot, restart can not withdraw if the situation appears, Check your volume keys if there is a problem!

As shown, according to the step operation into safe mode.

Go to the application interface, you can see that a third-party application icon is grayed out, click on the Run prompt does not install the application.

My mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy J5008, lift exit safe mode method is also very simple as stated before, the phone can successfully enter the default restart the system, the use of this method, when the phone encounter some bug error, you can Safe Mode successfully targeted to lift off bug problems, it can make the phone system to boot.

Samsung galaxy j5 Safe mode disable
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