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How to safe mode Samsung Galaxy J7

How to safe mode Samsung Galaxy J7

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If you have installed third party application that causes problems and prevents you remove it, you ought to be able to uninstall the application by rebooting your phone first in Safe Mode. In this mode all third party applications are unused by default.

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Press and hold ?? Power "
  3. When the \ u0093 Samsung \ u0094 The logo appears, release the \ u0093 Power \ u0094 Key but immediately press and control \ u0093 Volume Down "
  4. Keep holding the volume button down until the phone powers up completely (you should see a \ u0093 Safe Mode \ u0094 label at the lower-left corner)
  5. Then access \ u0093 Settings "
  6. Hitting \ u0093 Device \ u0094 And tap \ u0093 Applications "
  7. Grifo \ u0093 Application Manager "
  8. Go to \ u0093 Download \ u0094 and select the application you want to remove
  9. Grifo \ u0093 Uninstall \ u0094 twice to confirm
  10. Once the application has been taken, reboot your phone when you normally hold \ u0093 Power \ u0094 And playing \ u0093 Restart "

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