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How to boot Sony Xperia C5 Ultra in safe mode?

How to boot Sony Xperia C5 Ultra in safe mode?

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Safe mode lets you turn on your computer with third-party applications disabled. Then you can easily remove any applications that may be causing a conflict or software problems.

To enable safe mode and use it to troubleshoot applications, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold Power .
  2. Hold Off .
  3. Click OK in Safe Mode indicator. The computer will restart in Safe Mode.
  4. Tap the Aplicacciones from any main screen .
  5. Scroll to and tap Settings .
  6. Go to "TEAM" and press Applications .
  7. If necessary, touch the screen and slide to the right to see the screen Downloaded .
  8. Select the application you want.
  9. Click Uninstall , and then press OK .

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