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How to boot Samsung Galaxy E5 in safe mode?

How to boot Samsung Galaxy E5 in safe mode?

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    Samsung Galaxy E5 in safe mode

    Samsung Galaxy E5 in safe mode

  1. Close Android devices. If the loop and causes the device to not close properly, remove the battery.

  2. Press "on the device menu "button and hold.
  3. Opener and hold down the "Menu" button until you see the lock screen.

  4. Means immediately start to safe mode.

    The lower left corner of the screen displays "Safe Mode" message. In Safe Mode, Android does not load any third-party application and you can remove the cause of the problem application. Go to " Preferences ">" Applications ">" Manage applications "can be removed causing the problem application.

  5. To restart the device to the general pattern, close and re-opening device.

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