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When the operating system of an Android device is damaged, or when one or more third-party applications cause a device to fail, the device enters into safe mode. There are several steps you can take to disable safe mode on Android.

  1. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 1


    Understand why Safe Mode has been enabled. Safe mode is usually triggered as a result of some serious error with an application or if any system function collapses on the device. In safe mode, you can not run applications, except those that were installed on the device. If the device is in safe mode, usually a simple reboot is sufficient to solve the problem.

  2. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 2


    Check the notifications panel. Some versions of Android have a notification of safe mode that you can touch and will automatically reboot the device and exit safe mode. This is the fastest way out of safe mode, if you have this option.

  3. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 3


    Press and hold the power off button. When the shutdown options menu appears, select "Restart" or "Shut Down". Wait for the phone to restart or power it up again once it is turned off. Your device should start normally. If you do not, read on.

  4. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 4


    Turn on the device using the power and volume down buttons. If the device continues to boot in safe mode, this combination of buttons may help. Turn the device off again, then press and hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously. Many users have confirmed that this combination works to exit safe mode.
    • Note: If the volume button on your device has been broken, this could cause the device boot to be forced into safe mode. You may have to send your device to the warranty service or try to open it and repair it yourself.
  5. Turn off Safe Mode on Android Step 5


    Remove the battery from your device (if possible). As long as it is possible to remove the battery to your device, you can try to remove it to exit safe mode. Turn off your device and remove the battery. Wait at least one minute for the capacitors of the phone to fully discharge. Insert the battery back into your phone and then try to turn it on again. [1]


Uninstall applications

  1. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 6


    Keep in mind when you should try to uninstall the applications. The most common reason a device can enter secure mode is when an application fails. You can probably fix the problem with your device and restart it normally by uninstalling the latest installed applications. [2]

  2. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 7


    Open the "Settings" application. You can access the "Settings" application from the home screen, from the applications menu or from the notifications panel.

  3. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 8


    Press "Applications". A list of installed applications will be displayed. Select the "Downloaded" tab, if it is not already selected.

  4. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Step 9


    Uninstalls the newly installed applications. Although in safe mode you can not run the installed applications, you can uninstall them. Delete the applications you have recently installed and then restart your device by following the steps above.
    • Open the "Settings" app on your device.
    • Select "Applications" and then go to the "Downloaded" tab.
    • Touch the application you want to remove and then touch the "Uninstall" button. Repeat this step for each application you have recently installed.
    • Resets your device settings. If your device continues booting in safe mode, remove any additional applications you have installed. If after uninstalling the applications the problem is not solved, follow the steps in the next section.


Erase data from your device and reset settings

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