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Check your applications

When did you first notice this issue happening on your phone? Was it around the same time that you downloaded an application?

Applications can cause weird issues on Android phones sometimes. Try and think back to when you first started noticing your phone powering off and uninstall any applications that you might have downloaded, or updated, around that time. Try your phone without the application(s) and see if it fixes it. If it does then I would keep it off the phone and enjoy.

Battery check

Most Android phones have an option available that will allow you to test the battery.

Check your Android version. If your Android OS (Operating System) is below the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, for example it says 2.3.x (Gingerbread) 2.2.x (Froyo) or worse yet 2.1.x. Then try testing the battery with a special STAR CODE.

If the Android OS is below 4.0 then here is what you do.

Open up your Dialer, as though you were going to type in a telephone number, and instead of a phone number type in *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#INFO#*#*. A screen should pop up all by its self with a bunch of options. Tap on Battery Information, then check on the batteries health and make sure it says good. If it says poor or unknown error then power off the phone count to ten and then power the phone back on, open your dialer and type in the code again, tap battery information and if it still doesn’t say good then your battery is going out and needs to be replaced.

You can get a pretty affordable battery on Amazon but if your phone is less than a year old then your battery should be covered under your manufactures warranty and you might be able to get a new replacement battery for FREE. Check out How to file a warranty claim for more information about warranty options that might be available.

If your battery health is showing good and the battery scale says 100 then that is what it should be showing and I suggest you keep reading.

Android version

Did this happen after upgrading your Android phone to a more up to date Android Operating System? If so then chances are it wasn’t a bad upgrade but still an application issue. An app on the phone might not be getting along with the new Operating System and that might be what’s causing the problem. Go through and remove some apps, try the phone, remove some apps, try it, until there are no more apps that you personally downloaded on the device.

If you remove all the applications that you can from the phone and it’s still powering off then its most likely a software issue, maybe not caused by an application, but possibly a software glitch, bug, virus, etc. Don’t worry though there is still hope, you just got to clean the phone up a bit by performing a reset. 

Battery pull

Before looking into performing a reset on the phone pull the battery out and make sure that it’s still in good shape. It most likely will be in good shape if the battery test that you ran said the battery health was good but you never know.

If you remove the battery and it looks warped or bloated, or doesn’t fit snug in the phone, or rocks back and forth on a flat surface meaning the battery isn’t flat, then the battery might indeed be bad. If your phone is powering off and you cannot get it to power back on again without pulling the battery then you most likely got a software issue and a reset should help.

Backup and reset

Kind of a last resort BUT a fix all solution in most phone related issues, especially software related issues, is to perform a full backup saving all the information that’s saved on your phone to another medium and then erasing everything on the phone. It sounds a little extreme but DON’T PANIC it’s really not as bad as it sounds and it really does fix most phone issues.

Besides, you should get into the good habit of backing up your phone on a regular basis anyways just in case your phone ever does have a serious malfunction, gets broken, or even lost or stolen. It’s always a god idea to have at least one other copy of your important information just in case.

Before going into your settings and factory data resetting your device I recommend you read How to backup and reset an Android phone for a guide on how to backup your important information first. Because a reset sets the phone back to how it was when it came off the shelf. Your phone is going to think it’s brand new again.


And that should do it. If for some mysterious reason the Factory Data Reset doesn’t fix the phone, you’ve tried using the phone after the reset with no third party applications and as a clean install, your phones software is up to date, you tried a different battery, and your phone is still powering off for no apparent reason what so ever then your phone is defective and I recommend you read I can’t fix my phone now what should I do for some suggestions.

Otherwise enjoy your working phone, thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.