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Turn on "safe mode" on any Android phone

Surely more than one and more than two times, if the one who reads these lines has been computer users for a long time, he will have seen the need to enter the "Safe Mode" of Windows to solve some problem that does not Allowed to run properly to the operating system of your computer.

Similarly, smartphones are no more than small computers, and more powerful than those of a few years ago, and as such, it is possible that at some point some of those applications that we have installed block the whole system or deplete available RAM . That is why Android has implemented a sort of "safe mode" , a way to start our device with the essential services so you can work and from which we can arrange any, or well, almost all, the problem that is causing a malfunction of the device in its normal mode, which almost always involves uninstalling an application that should never have been installed.

Moreover it is one of those features that few people know and that would save many trips to the service at times . The good news is that all phones with Android, as well as tablets, have built-in. The bad news is that each manufacturer has established its own method , more or less similar between them.

The more common , at least among Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola and Huawei , is where keeping the power button pressed when the window appears and let down your finger on the button "turn off" coming out on screen, so Only a few seconds will return a message that notifies us that we are entering the device in "safe mode" or "safe mode".

Another way, which is also present in Samsung, Nokia X and some models of LG and HTC , is when completely turned off in device and activate hold down the power button and the button to lower the volume until the manufacturer 's logo appears.

The older the terminal, the more likely it is for the system to enter the "safe mode" to be different. The good news to return to " normal mode " all done in the same way, just turn off the device and start it as we normally do.

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