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In the previous post we saw  Unlocking the Bootloader and Install a Recovery Custom from the LG G3 .  To enter the Mode Recovery,  we had to press the power button and volume down (the two buttons at the same time)  until the LLG ogo.  Then, when it appeared the logo of LG , we had to drop the two buttons a second and press again until you leave us Recovery Mode options. All this process to enter Recovery Mode was very tedious, even often sprang not enterRecovery Mode because we failed at something in the process.

Web-eando the Internet I found an application that is able to enter our device LG G3 in Recovery Mode  with a few taps and without being off and manually turning on our device. This application is compatible with any model wireless android that be rooted and have installed custom recovery . See the following tutorial on how to enter Recovery Mode easily and quickly in the LG G3:

STEP 01:

The application of which I commented above lines is called Quick Boot  and will be responsible for providing us the process of entering Recovery Mode . You can download it from the Google Play Store (Click on the image below to download).

Press on the option Install , leave a window, click on OK . Once finished installing the Quick Boot , press on Open.


STEP 03:

After Quick Boot is installed, press on the option Recovery, leave a window requesting verify our Root Access , click onAllow. Immediately our device LG G3 enter into Recovery Mode.


Your device LG G3 is ready to enter Recovery Mode quick, easy and above all with a friendly appearance way.

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