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How to remove Safe Mode in Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode

Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode off

Android devices when they have the damaged operating system or applications that are not allowing proper functioning enter into "Safe Mode" , this while we complicated by the fact that it costs more to operate the device and carry out executions in since for safety enters safe Mode.

How to remove Safe Mode in Samsung


Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode

Turn off this way Android is usually very easy for some users who are a little more experts on the subject, but instead for others is a slightly more complicated procedure, and you could even say that very few people know clearly that is the Safe Mode and why the mobile is in that state.

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Safe Mode Delete Samsung

You must keep in mind that safe mode is activated when there is a fatal error, an application, or because some function in the system is running in an inappropriate manner.

One of the recommendations before any procedure is to perform a backup, so you can create a backup to prevent files that are relevant to us are removed.

Steps to Remove Safe Mode

  1. Restart the device: It is one of the most simple and effective processes, you will notice that in the notification panel are warning that the device is in the way, and if so the first thing to do is restart the phone. If once you restart the phone starts again in this mode you must perform the combination of volume button + power button, thus will perform other possibly reset the mode is deactivated.
  2. Uninstall Applications:  A bad application is one of the main reasons why the device enters this mode, desintalarlas is an excellent choice for mobile can function properly.
    1. settings
    2. Applications
    3. Uninstall recently installed applications
  3. Reset the device: Enter the setup menu to reset the device may be one of the fastest solutions, since you so you ensure that the device is like new without installed applications or programs that are running bad, since everything is removed and restarts as initially. If you wish , you can back up files or to not lose relevant documents.
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