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Therefore, you are installing modules for xposed repo wsm and end up receiving systemui fc. Nothing you can do, not even to open the configuration and uninstall it?
Maybe, you are installing some bad apps and your phone can not be fully used.
And, only one thing on your mind; Start the recovery and clean the data to fix it.
BUT, you will lose ALL the data; Games, applications, sms, call records, etc.

Before doing that, you still have one more thing to try before nuke your phone to start from scratch again; ENTER SAFEMODE.


1. Restart your phone (long power button)
2. Once it is turned off to restart, touch where the menu button resides. Tap it non-stop until you see your lockscreen. Along the way, you can get some vibrations. Just keep touching it.
3. Once your phone boots, you can now reverse what you did, uninstall applications etc, then restart again.
4. Voila!

Notes: I'm sure this will work if you did something wrong with the data (installing bad applications, bad wsm modules, etc.) but it will not work if you do something wrong on / system partition.

Note 2: Unlike other phones like Samsung, I can not see any watermarks that indicate that you are on safemode.

Note 3: If you are using wsm, you may need to reinstall the frame one more time.

* You can try another miphone (redmi, mi2, mi2s etc) and report here if it is working for your device as well.

I hope I can help someone .. Regards ..

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